Specialty Windows and Projects are not a problem at the New U.S. Window Factory, in fact, we welcome them! While most companies have the depot mentality, where they push what’s good for themselves, we respect the uniqueness of your home and your imagination. If you have a project that is unusual or requires original thinking, call us! We will work with you, and make it a reality that will make you happy every day.

New siding and eaves for a historic garage, using stained native New York State pine, and a turn and tilt casement with a full screen. That should keep it cool and ventilated in the summer! Note the beautiful fascia capping, roofing. and other details.
Top Round windows with sunburst grids, in a bronze color. Specialty shapes are something we do every day. Note the expert capping between the windows and the brick wall.
New tempered patio door panels with internal mini blinds for a new entrance. Note the even and close tolerances between the units and the framing. This is the kind or precision work we do, every day, at the New U.S.Window Factory.
Complete window and door replacement project for a historic house at the Jersey shore. New casement windows, patio doors, and top round windows with internal grids.
Garden windows can be so beautiful, sometimes owners get carried away. This customer bought 3 of them! Note the beautiful new molding around the window.
New door to pool patio, with blinds between the tempered LowE glass. The blinds can be tilted as well as raised and lowered. Note the custom color door and complementary capping and framing around the door.
Before and after pictures of new entrance. This was the dramatic first step in the restoration of this lovely older home.
Conversion of open rear porch into a cozy 4 season room, featuring full frame-out, new sliding windows with full screens, patio door, siding and interior finishing. HAPPY customer!
This spectacular window is made from responsibly sourced, farm grown Eucalyptus wood from Spain. It is made in Germany, using patented and proprietary hardware that lets the window swing in, as well as tilt from the top for ventilation only. It locks at several points around the frame like the door on an airplane. And yes, it comes with a full screen!
If you have your heart set on a special shape, or the design of your house calls for it, it is hard to find the right source. If you call the big brand window companies (and we all know who they are, because half their money is spent on advertising), you may get a quote that will leave you breathless. Ask for a special shape that actually opens, and you will get a blank stare.

If we can provide something this exceptional, just imagine how thorough and professional we are with regular windows. Whatever your window needs are, the New U.S. Window Factory can do it, on time and at the right price. Please call with any questions.