D/H (double-hung) windows are the most popular window style. They go up and down, and tilt-in for easy cleaning from inside the home. Ours are absolutely airtight, smooth, easy to use and lock. And now, you will receive a 30% tax credit, up to $ 600, when you replace your windows with Energy Star windows from the New U.S.WIndow Factory.

Our windows can be ordered in any color. Installation includes exterior capping (framing) in matching colors for a striking appearance.

Double Hungs can change a house from boring to amazing. This house was built with Andersen builder windows, and changed to our double-hung with grids. What a transformation!

Thank you Julia for letting us turn your vision to reality. Your house in the star of the neighborhood!

Double-hungs can transform the appearance of your home from BLAH to WOW. This brownstone in Manhattan had its original double-hungs replaced in the 1950’s with huge stationary picture windows that couldn’t be opened. We replaced them with period correct double hungs in black, for a striking transformation. And the new double-hungs can be opened and cleaned from the inside!

Bow and bay windows can look bare without holiday decorations. Make them look cozy and welcoming with double-hung windows.

Another transformation by the New U.S. Window Factory: From horrible single glass panels that did not open, to beautiful double hungs, with Energy Star insulated glass, that can be opened for fresh air, yet are airtight and energy efficient when closed. This is the work we do, every day, at the New U.S. Window Factory.