Sliding Patio Doors

Elegant design, structural integrity, energy efficiency and unmatched security combine to make our patio door the choice in sliding doors.

  • Unique 4-point locking system locks the door at four points with the touch of one lever. It is more secure than any other door in your home.
  • Our interlocking design eliminates the problems of air or water infiltration, so common in the lesser doors typically sold by the big box stores.
  • Massive 4mm glass unit with Heat Seal Spacer gives your home excellent thermal efficiency and highly effective sound proofing.
  • Sliding panel operation is amazingly smooth. It locks easily and without effort.
  • Anodized aluminum track and sill for increased strength, durability, and longevity along with an elegant appearance. Sturdy bottom sill is designed to withstand years of use and abuse.
  • Welded multi-chambered, insulated main frame, 4-point locking, steel reinforcements, locking screen door and many other features make our patio door a winner!